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Water Heater & Humidifier Installation Based in Alexandria, Virginia

Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling also offers a variety of additional services for your home or business. Our heating and air conditioning company in Alexandria, Virginia, offers water heater installation and repair as well as UV light, air cleaner, and humidifier installation.
Keeping Your Air Moist & Clean
Our company provides UV lights, air cleaners, and humidifiers, which keep the indoor air you breathe clean. To complete the installation service, we use the best brands such as Honeywell™, Aprilaire®, and more. The steam humidifier we install has a heating element to it. The accessory brings moisture into your home as well as keeps your wood floors from buckling due to being dry. It also helps with dry skin and allergies and reduces static electricity.

UV lights kill mold spores in the air and remove sock syndrome, which is an odor that comes from inside the HVAC system. Additionally, it decreases the growth of certain viruses and mold spores as well as removes cooking odors and pet dander. A high-efficiency air cleaner catches 99.9% of all airborne particles, which gives you clean indoor air to breathe.
Humidifier — Water Heater & Humidifier Installation - Alexandria, VA
Water Heating Services
Request our technicians to look at your heater when your water is not getting hot enough. We provide water heater repair and installation for all brands and types, such as gas and electric. Moreover, the installation comes with a manufacturer's warranty.
Furnace in Basement — Water Heater & Humidifier Installation - Alexandria, VA
Contact us in Alexandria, Virginia, to request an estimate for one of the additional services available from our company.